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(Español) MAF GIS


Equipment for control and remote positioning: Datalogger with ultra low power consumption. Remote controller with GPRS and GPS technology to work at a distance.

It integrates possibility of integral process management due to the online software application or SCADA system.

 See application of MAF GIS in machinery telecontrol


GPRS and GPS: bidirectional communication at a large distance

  • This control equipment is designed for reception and delivery of data informing about process working as well as equipment’s positioning being controlled in remote.
  • The WEB system of integral management is able to transmit commands in remote, also is adaptable for needs of each user.
  • The GPRS communication is completed with sending of email, SMS message or a missed call.
  • Thanks to this technology, the customer saves in logistic costs, maintenance and incidence management.

Process monitoring in online software application (SCADA)

  • You can check on your monitor the working of all processes at any time, all this due to our WEB application of integral management

Input – output configuration

  • It integrates up to 2 relay outputs, 5 digital and 3 analogue inputs with programmable internal amplifier.

Data log function

  • This function is supported with data log memory of 1 MB capacity which permits data storage.

SLEEP mode: ultra low consumption

  • MAF GIS has been especially designed for optimization of energetic consumption. Thanks to its mode “ultra low power consumption”, the equipment’s autonomy is guaranteed. This autonomy is able to exceed a period of 3 years using a lithium battery of 21 Ah.


 Remote control of industrial and agricultural process

 Remote control of irrigation system and water supply networks

 Remote control of water treatment and purification

 Control of renewable energy production

 Status and levels of energy charge

 Door opening system via missed call (GSM gate opening)

 Remote control and online integral management of rented machines

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